Georgiadis: The government is planning to open retail trade in stages

The goal of the Ministry of Development and Investment is to open all the retail trade during the holidays, in stages, with a difference of 3-4 days between them with the shopping centres opening last.

“On Monday, 110 seasonal stores will open throughout the country, those that sell Christmas goods. We have received strong criticism from this industry, because we have not already opened these stores. All these stores are 19,000. Do you understand the risk that such a decision would have as we are trying to control the pandemic? But these 110 stores are few, we can control them and I believe that they will follow the measures,” Georgiadis said in an interview on Saturday with Skai TV, referring to the roadmap of the market opening, emphasizing that the stores will reopen in stages, with a difference of 3-4 days between them.

Hairdressers, toys stores, bookstores and florists will be among the first to open, he added.