Gerapetritis: Anyone, anytime considers he can set his sights on Greek land will find against him the entire Hellenity

State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis on Monday sent a message to Turkey from the Aegean island of Kasos, on the anniversary of a massacre committed on the island in 1824 by Ottoman forces, during the Greek War of Independence.

“Anyone who at any time considers they can set their sights on Greek land will find all Greeks united against them. No concessions to our sovereignty, we will stay united like a fist,” he stated on Monday to the national broadcaster ERT.
He also said that the Kasos holocaust is a living monument, a memory for all the civilised world, noting that it constitutes a huge legacy for all Greeks.

The massacre of Kasos took place on May 27, 1824 when the Egyptian fleet attacked the island with 45 ships and four hundred men under the orders of H├╝seyn Bey.