Gerapetritis: Greece has benefited diplomatically by the tension

“Rarely, Greece had the opportunity to have such direct contact with all the powerful regional and international players” underlined State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis in an interview with ANTENNA TV on Thursday adding that “today and tomorrow we will have more news”.

On the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis, he said that its navigation does not have a beneficial result but “the fact that part of the Greek continental shelf was engaged to be used for this specific research constitutes a serious aggressive action”.
In any case, he said, “my feeling is that Turkey has not the intention or is willing to provoke an incident”.

Gerapetritis said that Greece is the only one that diplomatically gains from the tension adding that “dialogue is the diplomacy’s tool something that seeks the one that has the international law on its side. We are not afraid of the dialogue” he said and clarified “According to the stable Greek position the dialogue would concern only the delimitation of the maritime boundaries” adding that “Greece does not accept anything else”.