Gerapetritis: Greece in much better position than in the first phase of the coronavirus

State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis on Tuesday referred to the opening of schools and Greece’s posiition in relation with the coronavirus, as well as Greek-Turkish relations in an interview with SKAI TV.
The minister did not answer directly to a question on whether schools will open on 7 or 14 September, saying that there will be an announcement during the day but clarified that the rationale is for children that have returned from their holidays to be able to isolate for a while in order for any accumulated viral load to subside.
Asked if a full lockdown was a possibility, Gerapetritis said that this was out of the question based on the current epidemiological data.
He said that Greece is in a much better position than during the first phase of the pandemic because health structures have been upgraded, citizens are abiding by the protection measures and a testing system now exists that permits significant results. From 800 tests in March, Greece was nearing 20,000 tests, he added. Consequently, “Greece is among the first five European countries for the number of conducted tests and very low in key indicators, such as deaths and patients in ICUs”.
On Greek-Turkish issues, he gave assurances that “we are on high alert and, if necessary, we can raise the alertness level. We are totally prepared to deal with anything but I do not think that Turkey has any desire to escalate things militarily”.