Gerapetritis: Greece will carry out its duty without any reserve or discount in national policy

State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis on Saturday commented on Greek-Turkish relations underlining that Greece’s root policy focuses on “no national retreat, absolute vigor in any challenge, but also dissolution of tensions,” speaking on Thema 104,6 radio station.

“Greece will perform its duty without any reserve or discount in national policy,” he added, and he highlighted how some matters of national significance must be handled with the utmost sincerity and gravitas, as they cannot be dealt with in terms of a public debate or press releases.
Issues pertaining to national defense and sovereignty are never underestimated by the Greek government, he noted, and he added his belief that any current tension will simmer down against any escalation scenarios.

Speaking on the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, he said that this was characterized by “professionalism, faith in scientific knowledge, very good preparation by the Civil Protection in the tracking of infections, a very high level of compliance by citizens, and very strong central organization and staff management – with quick reflexes.”

On labor and the economy, he said the government’s ‘great concern’ is the strained labor market and added that “there is a serious problem with seasonal work in sectors such as tourism and catering.”
Commenting on the increase in the numbers of the unemployed, he aired his belief that this is not owed to layoffs “but to the fact that there have been no recruitments where they should be.”
However, he stressed, it is essential that “we enter a period of great growth as of autumn.”