Gerapetritis: We are at a critical point; we all need to show great responsibility

Northern Greece in general and Thessaloniki in particular did not display the sense of responsibility they should have, State Minister George Gerapetritis said during an interview with Skai TV on Monday.
He added that “there was a great deal of immoderation as regards entertainment and recreation, and the results, unfortunately, are apparent today in Thessaloniki.”

Gerapetritis underlined the health ministry’s coordinated plan, with the addition of 43 ICU beds, and noted: “Nevertheless, with the rapidly rising course of the phenomenon, we must strengthen the system with additional beds. It is certain that new measures will be required for Thessaloniki, these restrictive measures should be such that will not to leave room for this upward trend to continue.”

“No measure, even the harshest and the strictest, can succeed if there is no sense of responsibility, both collective and individual. We are at the ‘zero’ point, we are at a critical moment, we all need to show a high sense of responsibility,” he underlined.