German ambassador to Greece Dr. Peter Schoof: I believe in the strength of Greeks

Germany’s Ambassador to Greece, Dr. Peter Schoof, said he was impressed by the “inner strength” of the Greeks as he remarked on his 3.5-year-tenure in the country, during his farewell speech on Monday evening.

“I know many people are facing difficult situations in their personal lives,” he told the guests attending the event in his house, where the flags flew half-mast in mourning for the passing of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

He added however that he believed in the strength of Greeks which made him optimistic about the country’s future.

Schoof said the embassy’s role in Athens was to operating as a bridge not just between the two governments but between the two societies. “Today, at the time of my departure, I am confident that the pillars of our relations are stable,” he said and described Greece as a country of beauty and hospitality.

Concluding his speech, he said he knows that Greeks want to shape the future of their country within a Europe of growth and solidarity and stressed that Europe is our family.

Schoof will leave from Greece next week. The event was attended by the Alternate Finance Minister George Chouliarakis, Alternate Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas, New Democracy MPs Giorgos Koumoutsakos, Nikos Dendias, Niki Kerameos, Olga Kefaloyanni and Bank of Greece Governor Yiannis Stournaras.