German retirees arrested in W. Greece for illegal possession of antiquities, guns

A German couple of retirees living permanently in Perdika, south of the western city of Igoumenitsa, were arrested by authorities for antiquities theft and illegal possession of arms and a radio station.

The two pensioners, aged 74 and 71, had collected illegal antiquities in one of two houses they owned, and set up an illegal antiquities copying workshop in another, where police found 12 moulds depicting a male.

The security police of Ioannina prefecture confiscated several objects, including two amphorae (liquid carrying vessels) dated to 200 BC-100 AD and 400-200 BC, respectively; the upper part of an amphora dated between 200 BC and 100 AD; a roughly made vessel dated from 500 to 200 BC; two silver coins dated to Hellenistic Macedonia, of around 400 BC, and jewelleries and accessories dated to about 1800 AD. All objects were labeled with detailed descriptions and dates.

Police also confiscated three guns, hundreds of cartridges, and a portable wireless transceiver.

A consulted archaeologist, Stephanos Vassiliadis, said the amphorae may have been recovered from shipwrecks in the area.

The retired couple, who have lived in the area for 30 years, will be led before a prosecutor.