Germanos stores showed strong performance in 2016

Germanos stores recorded high performance in 2016, with more than 20 million transactions and more than 30 million visitors, while its e-store attracted more than 7.5 million visitors in the year.

The company aims to remain a favorite destination for products and technology solutions in 2017, strengthening the customer’s digital experience, company officials said during the annual congress of the company’s partners.

Germanos said it remained the number one destination for smartphones and mobile phones, accessories and wireless phones, the number one destination for mobile phone service and the most famous brand among retail stores in telecoms, mobile phones and IT products in the country.

Germanos said it managed to raise its market shares in sales of accessories and gadgets, such as wearables, tablets and TVs, while G-ticketing services were extremely popular (used by more than 120,000 customers) and G-photoprint (with more than 1.5 million digital pictures printed).

Germanos signed last year a partnership agreement with Protergia for the supply of electricity power to households and enterprises.