Gerovasili on Mati: Government seeking to divert attention from current problems

Main opposition SYRIZA MP Olga Gerovasili on Sunday denied wrongdoing with respect to the investigation of the deadly fire in Mati, countering statements made by government spokesperson Stelios Petsas with an accusation that the government was seeking to divert attention from the huge social and economic problems facing the country.

Commenting on an article in the Sunday edition of “Kathimerini”, Petsas had earlier spoken of evidence of a cover-up and said that Gerovasili, the minister in charge when the fire broke out in 2018, owed the Greek people an explanation.

“I therefore explain to Mr. Petsas – who demands explanations from me about something that I did not know about until yesterday and, if what I read in Kathimerini is true, is utterly false as far as I’m concerned: for the people of the Left the defence of rights, justice and delivery of justice is a supreme value and a constant aim. Anything else is what constitutes a threat to democracy,” she said.
“[The government] should search elsewhere and find other ways to distract from the massive problems that the Mitsotakis government has brought and is bringing at a fast pace to economic and social reality, the present and future of our country,” she added.