Gerovassili: Attack on police guarding parliament ‘unprecedented’ in its violence and organisation

Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovassili claimed the existence of an organised plan to invade the Greek parliament which had also been posted on the internet, while speaking to ANT1 TV on Wednesday, reaffirming that the police on duty were acting to defend themselves.

“The way the police reacted was the most appropriate in order to have the fewest possible problems, with the mildest measures taken in relation to the violence of the incidents,” said Gerovassili, adding that tear gas was used only at the locations where attacks were being mounted by far-rightists.

“We have never before had so much violence or such an organised attack against police guarding the parliament, it was unprecedented,” underlined Gerovassili, dismissing claims that the tear gas was part of a plan to disperse the rally, at the orders of the government.

“There are worrying phenomena and the democratic citizens must consider whether, as a result of the stance of some political forces, the far-right is gaining ground. We must all guard democracy. New Democracy and the Movement for Change are making space for the far-right,” she noted. “It is divisive for ND to say that the legally elected government of the country is selling out Macedonia,” she added.

She condemned the attack against ND deputy Sofia Voultepsi and finally said that hood-wearing individuals that appear in a video, moving around the parliament’s peristyle, are police officers.