Gerovassili: The government sets policies that only take the country forward

“After eight difficult years, the country has been able to build its own road and move on its own, freely and with national dignity, having regained its place in the geopolitical environment,” Minister of Administrative Reconstruction, Olga Gerovassili said on Wednesday in an interview with ANT1 TV.

Gerovassili also said that the government will take social measures next year to provide relief to Greek citizens, especially the middle class, with tax relief and reduced social security contributions.

She noted that the country needs a plan for just and sustainable development with specific timetables, adding that this has already been presented to the Greek people. “Within the fiscal limits, the government sets out the policies that take the country forward, with a change of production model, so that it will never go back,” she added.

She also announced hirings in critical sectors of the social state. “This is not a promise, it is necessity,” she said.