Gerovassili: We would like the 2nd programme review to have been already concluded

“We would like the second programme review to have been already concluded,” Administrative Reform Minister Olga Gerovassili on Tuesday said in an interview with Real FM.

She underlined that the government will not accept extreme positions.

“A last meeting with the institutions has been scheduled for Tuesday. It remains to be seen if they will leave and when they will come back,” she stated and stressed that progress has been made without however having achieved total convergence.

Referring to the IMF’s strict stance, she said that everyone can decide what stance he will keep until the final result. As he said, the European partners are keeping a neutral stance for the time being, but it remains to see the next steps.

Asked whether the government is to blame for the delay in the conclusion of the review, she said: “If we had accepted extreme positions, the negotiation would have been concluded.”