GK Venture Management to support Greek enterprises

GK Venture Management will begin supporting Greek enterprises by offering liquidity and capital for the development of enterprises, improving their financial situation and help them return to profitability.

For the year 2017, GK Venture Management will accept applications of specific business plans with a budget of between 100,000 and 1,000,000 euros by February 10, during a first round of activities.

“GK Venture Management plans to invest significant capital in 2017, funding business project by domestic start-up or existing companies. I am optimistic that the venture management institution can and must operate decisively in the country, particularly during the recession period, contributing to the rapid growth and recovery of the Greek economy and particularly small- and medium-size enterprises. The invitation is open and all proposals will be examined by our company’s experts,” G. Katostaris, CEO of GK Venture Management said in a statement.