Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris ejected from parliament session

Extreme-right Golden Dawn party deputy Ilias Kasidiaris pushed back New Democracy parliamentary spokesman Nikos Dendias on Monday in Parliament when main opposition spokesman walked in front of Kasidiaris while the latter was addressing a session of the House’s Financial Affairs Committee.

He also verbally assaulted the main opposition spokesman and refused to leave the parliament.

“We will not allow such fascist behaviours,” SYRIZA deputy Nikos Mantas said.

ND MP Makis Voridis responded to the incident by demanding the Golden Dawn’s entire parliamentary group be expelled from the proceedings, saying that “they all behaved in a reprehensible manner.”

Meanwhile, committee chair Makis Balaouras ordered his immediate removal from the parliament. Balaouras has also filed a motion of censure against Kasidiaris and Golden Dawn entire parliamentary group which was accepted.