Golden Dawn trial on sentencing appeals to resume Friday morning

The Golden Dawn trial at the Athens criminal appeals court hearing arguments for the suspension of sentences pending appeal will resume at 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

The court’s decisions will determine whether those that have received prison sentences will be sent directly to jail or remain at liberty pending an appeal. Final decisions are expected on Friday.

At this stage, the lawyers are allowed to examine witnesses and present arguments to show that it is not necessary to incarcerate their clients, or supply evidence of the damage that incarceration will inflict on their family life or health.

If the court does decide on the incarceration of the convicted Golden Dawn members, their actual time in jail, depending on the severity of their sentence, will for most range between three and 4.8 years due to laws allowing their release after serving three fifths of their sentence and after subtracting the time when they were jailed on remand.