‘Gordian knot’ in football must be cut, says Tsipras

The big problems facing Greek football will have to be resolved regardless of the political cost, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday, during a brief exchange with Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis before the cameras, at the start of a meeting at Maximos Mansion.

“We have to decide that this ‘Gordian knot’ must be cut and we all have to decide that we have to ignore the political cost,” Tsipras told Theodorakis, noting his intention to resolve the problem.

The comments came after Deputy Sports Minister Giorgos Vassiliadis announced he is suspending indefinitely the Greek Superleague, following a PAOK-AEK game on Sunday that was stopped after a disputed goal led PAOK owner Ivan Savvides to storm onto the pitch carrying what appeared to be a firearm in a holster.

“If we don’t implement strict rules and laws, if heads do not roll, we will keep surrendering to these kinds of behaviors, to these people,” Theodorakis said in his turn.

Tsipras responded that rules are in place but whenever you try to implement them “somebody feels wronged” and added it is a matter of will which he has to move forward.

Theodorakis responded: “If the state cannot enforce rule on football, then why will it be able to enforce rules on the economy?”

Tsipras and Theodorakis are meeting to discuss the latter’s proposal on the establishment of a National Security Council that will discuss national issues.