Goverment opting for a ‘clean exit’ from the memoranda, says Dragasakis

Proposals for a precautionary credit line for Greece effectively mean not exiting memorandum programmes now, government vice president and Economy Minister Yiannis Dragasakis said on Monday. This begged the question, he added: “If not now, then when?”

Addressing the Regional Development Congress of Central Macedonia in Thessaloniki, he repeated that the government is opting for a “clean exit” from the memoranda and surveillance, without prior actions and asterisks, as well as the start of preparations for the post-memorandum period.

“We can say that, barring unforeseen external or other extreme circumstances, we have before us a period of stability and recovery in the medium-term that we must use as the starting point for planning the future and a final exit from the crisis,” noted Dragasakis.

In parallel, he underlined that “the exit from the memoranda and surveillance means more freedom but also responsibilities, because the exit from the memoranda should not be interpreted as return to the pre-crisis normality, since that would be a tragedy”.

The government’s proposal for a new growth model will be presented at April’s Eurogroup, he said, adding that in order to be sustainable and fair in the long-term it should prevent social exclusions, and not widen but diminish social and regional inequalities.