Government and institutions still at odds over energy market, gov’t official says

The differences between the government and the institutions over energy market issues remain, an official at the environment and energy ministry said on Friday, after the conclusion of the first part of a teleconference that began at 14:30 Greek time.

The institutions are insisting on the sale of Public Power Corporation (PPC) units, the official said, whereas the government is asking for more time. “There is a policy where we aim to look at everything by the end of the year,” the official noted.

“We quarrelled for two hours but I hope that we will find a solution by Monday,” the official joked, adding that an attempt was underway to arrive at a framework agreement of two to three paragraphs in the Memorandum of Understanding by that time.

According to the same sources, meanwhile, there is no discussion underway about the sale of a 17 pct share of PPC (the percentage held by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund), and there never has been.

The teleconference is now continuing, with Labour Minister Efi Achtsioglou arriving at the finance ministry to discuss labour market issues.