Government and New Democracy reactions to resignation of senior Council of State justices

Main opposition New Democracy’s “instant response” to the resignation of two senior judges from the Council of State Judicial Functionaries’ Union, as well as Tuesday’s speech by ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, were an attempt to interfere with the course of justice, a press release from the prime minister’s office asserted on Wednesday.

“They make it clear, to even the most unsuspecting citizen, who is seeking to use all ways and means in order to affect the decisions of justice,” the announcement said.

ND spokesman George Koumoutsakos, on his part, accused the government of interference and expressed ND’s acute concern over the state of Greek justice, claiming “serious dysfunctions, strange manipulation and unacceptable government intervention” in its workings. The two resignations on Wednesday only served to confirm and strengthen ND’s concerns, he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, CoS judges Christos Rammos and Aikaterini Sakellaropoulou resigned from the CoS Judicial Functionaries Union in protest against a decision taken by CoS President Nikolaos Sakellariou last Friday to postpone a meeting on the television licences tender, as well as the disagreement between Sakellariou and other members of the court.

The Union had later issued an announcement saying that the only reason for postponing the meeting was “the atmosphere generated by the public statements and expressions regarding the outcome of the plenum’s council on these issues.”

Rammos and Sakellaropoulou on Wednesday strongly criticised the Union announcement as a “major faux pas” and accused it was acting as a “press office for Sakellariou,” while denouncing the postponement as a “refusal of justice”.