Government bill to bring greater flexibility to strategic investments posted for public debate

Greater flexibility in strategic investments by way of fast-track licensing, and other sweeping interventions which give rise to positive prerequisites for attracting new investments and creating jobs, are just some of the changes brought along by a governmental bill submitted for public debate, government sources said on Wednesday evening.

The bill introduces a more flexible process of certifying the completion and launch of a productive investment by chartered accountants or auditing companies, as well as by civil and mechanical engineers, or other professionals who meet the criteria, as per the relevant provisions stipulated in the bill.

The bill creates a Single Digital Map for the unified mapping of all geo-spatial data, accessible by the public online and free of charge.

A National Infrastructure Register will also be set up in digital form, also electronically accessible to all, which will provide technical information on buildings and other infrastructures.

Furthermore, certification and verification will be carried out not only by state-but also by private entities approved by the National Quality Infrastructure System (N.Q.I.S.).

The bill also comes to modernize the licensing and operating framework for mobile telephony antennas in Greece.

It also introduces a National Simplification Program to combat bureaucracy.

As per the new bill, as of January 2021 lawyers and members of the Legal Council of the State will have to file their applications and all relevant documents electronically with the Council as well as with regular administrative courts.