Government has pledged to complete 80 pct of program review by early November

The government has pledged to complete 80 percent of Greece’s third program review by early November, when the Euroroup meeting will be held, government Vice-President Yiannis Dragasakis told SKAI TV channel on Thursday.

“We have committed to completing 80 percent of the review until the Eurogroup in early November and complete it by the end of the year. The aim is to complete everything by June,” he said.

Asked about the state of Greek lenders, he said they don’t have any problems, adding however that the issue of non-performing loans needs to be addressed so that new loans can be granted to businesses.
Concerning Hellinikon, he said that the decision taken by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) opens the way for the investment.

“We are interested in moving forward with the investment in Hellinikon in a way that respects the law. KAS’s decision is in line with the commitments, while the forestry decision opens the way for the investment to go ahead,” he said. “I do not agree that we should bury the antiquities.”

He said that it was known there were antiquities in the area noting that these are usually discovered when the use of land changes.

Dragasakis also said the government plans to distribute a social benefit from its primary surplus but did not confirm reports it will amount to 800 million euros. The issue of the social benefit will be discussed with the institutions, he continued.

“The last quarter [of the year] will be a quarter of strong [economic] recovery,” he said, and expressed his belief that the benefit will be distributed and that the pending sub-tranche of Greece’s loan will be disbursed.