Government is considering to expand mandatory vaccination to people aged 50-59

The government confirmed Friday that it is considering expanding mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 to people aged 50-59, with an announcement expected in the coming days.

“The decision to impose age criteria has paid off, and the age limits could be further lowered if this becomes necessary,” said Deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas.

“This will be done in the coming days,” he added.

Regarding the pandemic in general, Petsas said it is “fortunate” that the Omicron variant is dominating over Delta, because “it is milder and has a shorter lifecycle.”

Greece made vaccinations mandatory for people aged 60 and over late last November, a drastic step for the country as it grappled with a new surge in coronavirus cases.

Authorities have also said that anyone in that age group who has not booked a jab appointment by January 16 onwards will pay a 100-euro fine.