Government must conclude the review before late April, Potami leader says

Every hour of delay in completing the second review of the Greek programme worked against the country’s interests, opposition Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis repeated on Wednesday. Talking to the Greek radio station ‘Real FM’, he underlined that an agreement must definitely be reached before April 21 when the final economic figures for 2016 will be published.

“If these are not favourable, this will lead to even greater pressures and demands from the lenders,” he noted.

According to Theodorakis, the government was now rushing to complete the review but its earlier delaying tactics “have opened many fronts.”

“It is important to look at what we have lost because we did not complete the review on time. We lost the country’s inclusion in the quantitative easing programme, and we also lost confidence in the economy,” he said, noting that the government’s delays had harmed the economy.