Government official expresses optimism SLA could be clinched by April 7

A government official expressed optimism on Monday that a staff-level agreement between Greece and its creditors could be achieved by April 7 (Friday), adding that the EuroWorking Group (EWG) on March 30 is not crucial. To have a staff-level agreement, the mission chiefs of the institutions have to return to Greece.

The official said the European program signed by the country (MoU) will coincide in its duration with the IMF’s Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) which will be agreed with the fund.

“The MEFP is easier, it doesn’t have so many issues. The IMF is not a control freak like the Europeans who raise so many issues,” the official said.

Asked about the labour issues which remain open, the same source said only a small issue has not been resolved and didn’t respond on a question about the income tax threshold which will be agreed with the institutions.