Government ‘playing with lives of thousands of workers,’ ND’s Mitsotakis says

Main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday accused the government of “irresponsibly setting up a trade in hope,” while commenting on Wednesday’s Court of Audit ruling that laws extending the contracts of public-sector temporary staff were unconstitutional.

“Justice found the extension of the contracts of tens of thousands of workers in the broader public sector illegal. They were done under the Katrougalos law, which was judged unconstitutional,” he said, accusing the government of playing with the lives of thousands of workers and handing out empty promises for the sole purpose of gaining votes.

“Unfortunately, they refuse to listen to any serious or responsible voice… They are trying to build up a regime and are causing chaos. They are repeating the worst practices of former years, the ones that all Greeks want to leave behind us,” Mitsotakis noted, stressing that this was not the way to tackle unemployment.

“Luckily, once again, the Constitution has raised a barrier to the obvious schemes of Mr. Tsipras and his ministers,” he added.