Government pleased with the joint statement of the 27 EU leaders

Government officials said they were pleased with the joint statement of the 27 EU leaders on Turkey, which, as they said, is based on the Borrell report and confirms the results of previous European Councils in the neighboring country.

As the same officials said, this is a two-fold approach, which includes positive measures but also sanctions, if Turkey repeats unilateral actions and its delinquent behavior.

There are also reports on the migration and refugee issue, as Turkey is called upon to cooperate in the fight against illegal migration and the return of migrants to Turkey on the basis of the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration, which, as stated, should be implemented without discrimination.

“All decisions are gradual, conditional and reversible. A blank check is not being given to Turkey, whose behavior will be assessed and the relevant decisions will be taken in June,” government officials said.
According to the same officials, “significant changes have been made compared to the original draft following extensive negotiations” and as they stressed, “the final text is balanced and reflects the Borrell report.”