Government press office’s reaction on BoG chief Stournaras’ statements

“(Bank of Greece governor Yannis) Stournaras’ statements today, which fully reflect Mr Mitsotakis’ programme and proposals, are quite clear,” the prime minister’s press office said on Tuesday.

“Stournaras’ statement that ‘the margins for pension funding from the state budget are now narrower and therefore a private-sector pension system is needed’ reflect the notorious Pinochet social security system,” it said.

“At the same time, Mr Stournaras also questioned the possibility of financing universal access to public health services, thus challenging a central governmental choice of support for our uninsured fellow citizens,” the press office said.

“Mr Mitsotakis and Mr Stournaras are preparing to cancel all positive measures, to cut pensions altogether but also to drastically shrink the social state,” it added.

“The Citizens who are to elect a government in a few weeks can get a first taste of the social cost of Mr Mitsotakis’ harsh policies,” the announcement noted.