Government seeks a package agreement with FYROM, says Alt. Defence Min Vitsas

Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas said that the government’s aim in the negotiations with FYROM is “to have a package agreement that will include the name issue, the irredentism and the necessary commitments on the part of both countries but first and foremost by Skopje,” while speaking on Tuesday to the public broadcaster ERT.

He said that “in my opinion there is no ‘Macedonian’ language but a dialect spoken in that area but not throughout all of Macedonia. It is a local dialect, you can’t deprive them of the right to speak it, but I would not call it ‘a language’.”

Replying to arguments that Skopje can make changes to the country’s constitution in order to enter NATO and then reverse them once it had joined, Vitsas dismissed the suggestion as “lacking seriousness”.