Government to send new e-mail to troika

The government’s economic staff and the heads of the troika will not hold a teleconference on Wednesday. Instead, it was decided that a new email with additional facts will be sent to the representatives of the country’s lenders late this evening or tomorrow morning.

Economic staff sources say that the move is made to boost the arguments on the soundness of the Greek proposals and not to accept new measures.

“Greece is in a very difficult negotiation with the troika to complete the final review of the present programme and enter a new phase,” Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Wednesday underlined.

Addressing the event “Looking Globally from Athens” marking the 30th anniversary of the International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance at Cass Business School, City University London, Samaras said that the negotiation is being conducted “responsibly and determination,” while noting that the government is looking towards the future.

“We are getting out of a difficult period of successful fiscal adjustments. We have implemented fiscal and structural reforms. We are entering a new era, a new period of sustainable economic growth, while reducing unemployment,” he said, adding that Greece has gained ground on the issue of competitiveness which was very low in recent years.

Greece emerges as a factor of stability in an unstable region, such as the eastern Mediterranean, Samaras said and referred to the new geopolitical and geostrategic environment that is being formed in the region.