Government sources: The country’s image abroad has changed in the last one and a half year

“The country’s image abroad has changed in the last one and a half year. Foreigners now give a vote of confidence in Greece,” senior Greek government sources said.

According to the same sources, the multidimensional foreign policy followed by the government is bearing fruit and the visits to Beijing and Shangai as well as the goverment’s overtures to Russia, Iran, Israel and Egypt had very positive results.

Making an evaluation of the visit in China, the government sources noted: “We have achieved three out of three: Important agreements with Cosco, the Chinese giant Alibaba and advanced technology company ZTE. Only Cosco is expected to invest in the port area of Piraeus nearly one billion euros in infrastructure projects aimed at upgrading the cruise sector, increasing the number of containers, strengthening the shipbuilding sector, and creating a huge parking that will contribute significantly to solving the parking problem in Piraeus.”

Regarding collective labour agreements, they said that they have all European progressive forces on their side adding that nobody has asked for mass layoffs. The same sources stressed that Greece will have turned page in the second half of 2017.

Asked on everyday problems, they said that important work is being made on the health sector despite the difficult conditions.

Regarding the refugee issue, they stressed the importance of the EU-Turkey agreement adding that a way will be found to secure it.