Government spokesman: Μany chances tο have good news regarding the debt before the end of the year

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos once again emphasised the importance of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Athens, in statements to the press on Wednesday, adding that there were “many chances that we will have good news regarding the debt before the end of the year.”

The balance of forces in Europe was positive for the Greek government at the moment, Tzanakopoulos noted, while the government believed it was essential to keep to the time schedule in order to bring about a good outcome before the end of the year.

The spokesman said that there was no problem in the progress of the negotiations, while the unresolved issues related to labour relations, the social solidarity income and fiscal matters. “We will, however, reach an agreement based on the time schedule,” he added.

“The Greek government supports the initiatives seeking to overturn austerity policies,” Tzanakopoulos said, noting that several European officials had made “supportive statements” and that “we are very close to agreeing.”
Regarding the Cyprus issue, Tzanakopoulos said the Greek government has steadfastly supported the position that the two sides must reach an agreement, after which there can be a multilateral summit.