Government spokesman: It is our obligation to ensure return to normalcy

“It is our obligation as far as possible to ensure a speedy return to normal life,” government spokesperson Yiannis Ikonomou said on Monday during a press briefing ahead of the government measures to be announced on Tuesday afternoon.
Referring to the citizens who have chosen not to be vaccinated, Iconomou noted that “society cannot wait and remain hostage to such perceptions”, explaining that measures will be announced tomorrow afternoon regarding public and private areas.
“We will not allow anyone to obstruct the person who wants to work, to create, to make a living, the young man and the young woman who want to be educated and have fun, the patient who does not suffer from coronavirus,” the government spokesman said.

Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, Ikonomou said: “I make it clear that Greece is a sovereign country and respects international law. We are dealing with refugee and migration issues based on the national interest. If movements are not done in an orderly and organized manner, they end up in humanitarian tragedies. We will not handle the situation naively. We have a plan and tools to handle it, in cooperation with the EU,” he noted.