Government spokesman: ND must retract false stories about alleged spying on citizens

Accusing main opposition New Democracy of feeding false stories to the press about alleged government spying on the citizens, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Sunday urged ND to immediate retract.

“ND has a duty to withdraw, as of today, the false news it is spreading through its official electronic accounts about alleged snooping on citizens’ phones and e-mails, involving the newly-formed digital policy, telecommunications and media ministry,” Tzanakopoulos said.

He noted that the main opposition was “insisting on spreading false news about the supposed takeover of ‘a section of the secret services’ by the new ministry,” even though the law forming the new ministry made no provision for something along those lines. “ND has clearly never read it,” he pointed out.

“Instead of recanting, ND insists on including sensitive areas of individual rights and national security in its standard tactic to create false impressions. It has a duty to approach the specific issues with greater care and calmness, as befits its role,” the spokesman said.

Tzanakopoulos stressed that the government fully protects individual rights, constitutional freedoms and the privacy of citizens, as well as national security and public interest.