Government spokesman: Conclusion of the 2nd review is our first priority

“The government continues the successful path of multidimensional and peaceful foreign policy,” newly appointed government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Tuesday said in the first press briefing after the government reshuffle.

“Greece has now ceased to be a pariah and now represents one of the key players in the broader geopolitical scenery,” he said.

Referring to the imminent visit of US President Barack Obama, he said that it is another message-step of support to the country’s effort to get out of the crisis and to continue playing an important stabilizing role in a broader destabilized region.

The government’s efforts, in the interior and the foreign affairs, will not stop despite main opposition New Democracy’s doomsday, Tzanakopoulos noted adding that New Democracy’s plan is extremely dangerous not for the government but for the country itself.

Its programme includes, he added, horizontal cuts in pensions, mass layoffs in the private sector, layoffs in the wider public sector, sale off of public assets and perpetuation of tolerance to intertwined interests.

Tzanakopoulos stressed that the conclusion of the second programme review is the first priority of the government.
The second priority is the beginning of the debate on the final measures for debt settlement. The third priority is boosting investment activity in the Greek economy. The fourth priority is the constant preoccupation and orientation of government in everyday issues of citizens.

Moreover, he said that yesterday’s Eurogroup “is giving us one more reason to be optimistic” adding that “it is now commonplace that the effective settlement of the debt issue is a priority for the eurozone but also for the international community.”