Government spokesperson Tarantilis calls on Tsipras to present his own proposal

“We would expect the leader of the main opposition, along with his expected criticism, to present his own proposal. Once again, he failed to propose anything,” government spokesman Christos Tarantilis said on Wednesday in a statement in reply to SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

Addressing Tsipras, he asked him whether churches should be closed by force. “He should have been straightforward. But he prefers to get into murky waters. At a critical juncture in public health, we must all assume our responsibilities to halt the pandemic rather than be consumed in fruitless confrontation,” concluded the government spokesman.

Tsipras earlier accused the government of inefficient restrictive measures for the protection of the citizens’ health.
As he said the government boasts on the strict observance of the restrictive measures, while churches are open for the public on Epiphany Day.