The government steps back from the seashore bill

The government decided to step back from the provisions prepared and promoted by the Ministry of Finance regarding the seashore bill. During the meeting between members of PASOK and Hardouvelis, the Finance Minister announced that the multi-bill will be submitted to the Parliament, probably today, retaining only one provision of the original bill: the obligation of the State to map the seashore line for the 92% of Greece’s coastline.

Moreover, he briefed PASOK’s MPs that the remaining prerequisites for the disbursement of the next tranche of 1bn. euros will be incorporated in the multi-bill and will concern the obligations of other ministries, too, such as:

-Inclusion of compensatory fund of uniformed officials in the regulation of “sustainability”

-Abolition of third party taxes which fund the compensatory pensions

-Tax evaders and businesses that are not engaged in any activity will not have a VAT number

-Abolition of the obligation of submitting annual VAT return statement