Government team inspects damage in northern Evia after recent floods

A government team visited the fire-ravaged areas of Vassilika and Aghia Anna, in northern Evia, which were affected by the heavy rainfall during the weekend, in order to inspect the damage.

Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of state aid and recovery from natural disasters, Christos Triantopoulos, Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Evangelos Tournas, and

Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Simos Kedikoglou participated in the government team.

“The state, as in other cases, will be by the side of the people affected and will assist to the restoration of these damages,” Triantopoulos underlined, adding that an emergency funding, totalling 20 million euros, will be directed to northern Evia on Monday or Tuesday in addition to the maturation of the plan regarding interventions to be done following the August fires.