Government team, institutions agree on positive/negative measures after program

The Greek negotiating team and the mission chiefs of the institutions have agreed on the positive and negative measures that will be implemented after the end of the current program but not on pensions, a government official said on Friday, after the meeting.

According to the official, the issue of pensions is “not technical, but has political aspects”. The two sides agreed however on energy, education, health and the package of measures on taxation that includes the lowering of the income tax threshold. He said that there is also a “political issue” with the non-performing loans but didn’t clarify the statement.

The two sides didn’t discuss labour issues or the analysis of the 2016 primary surplus (what share of the surplus is permanent and recurring and what is a one-off, so that they can calculate the positive impact for 2017 and 2018), but the two issues will be discussed in a future meeting.