Government will continue to provide support throughout the energy crisis

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the government will continue to provide support for as long as the international energy crisis lasts, during his visit to a poultry production unit at the region of Megara, Attica, on Saturday.

“As long as this upheaval lasts, there will be a not-at-all insignificant support from the state to help you with your costs,” he noted. “As you know, from the beginning of January there will be a state subsidy for energy costs for all production units, for all companies, which I believe will cover a significant part – up to 50 pct of energy price hikes,” he added.

Secretary General for Agricultural Policy & International Relations Konstantinos Baginetas, one of the officials accompanying the premier in his visit, referred to the new institutional framework for organic farming, animal mating and poultry farming.

“Poultry and pig farming are among those farms which are very intensive, so a new institutional framework is being promoted for animal welfare, as well as organic and free-range farming,” he noted.