Government’s goal remains a faster payment of pensions, minister says

The Greek government has made significant improvements in awarding provisional pensions with a package of legislative moves in 2020, Labor and Social Affairs deputy Minister Panos Tsakloglou said on Monday.

Speaking in Parliament, Tsakloglou said that these legislative moves aimed at raising the percentage of provisional pension payments from 50 pct to 80 pct for wage earners and to 70 pct for self-employed, adding farmer pensioners to the provisional pension payment system and reducing provisional pension payment by 30 pct for those who continue working.

The minister noted, however, that these measures were not designed to replace the comprehensive and integrated plan of reducing the number of pending pensions. “ Our goal remains the faster payment of pensions,” Tsakloglou said. He defended the government’s policy offering financial support to workers hit by the pandemic crisis.