Government’s production model a complete contrast to ND’s plan, Tzanakopoulos says

The production model that the government is planning for the “day after” in Greece is in complete conflict and contrast to main opposition New Democracy’s plans for the economy, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said late on Thursday at an open SYRIZA meeting.

Mitsotakis’ policy focuses on “crushing the labour market and lowering taxes for big business in order to supposedly create more and more incentives for big investors to invest,” he said. “The so-called new, reformist policy that ND is presenting is nothing more than the old and outdated ideologies and practices of global liberalism,” he added.

In contrast to this, Tzanakopoulos said, at the core of the government’s plan is the belief that competitiveness cannot be based on a reduction of wages or trampling labour rights, nor the selective reduction of taxes for big business. He also stressed the importance of having a stable tax framework, which has never existed in Greece.

The government spokesman then made extensive references to the efforts to combat corruption.