Government’s sources: What Greece seeks from the negotiations

The main issue for the Greek government in the negotiations with the institutions that start on Tuesday is “the determination of the measures, either positive or negative ones,” government sources said to the Athens Macedonian News Agency.

These measures refer to the structural reforms and the relief measures after 2019 which, according to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras statements, will be voted together.

“The government also focuses on the growth package, the job positions which are not included in the primary surpluses,” said the same source to ANA. This refers to a package of measures decided in the recent Eurogroup for 10,000 job positions and will be financed up to 3 bln euros.

The government’s aim is the review to be completed as soon as possible. In parralel, the government seeks to come to an agreement on the debt and the primary surpluses which is the major political argument between the International Monetary Fund and Berlin.

If we reach an agreement on these issues then “Greece will be included in the quantitative easing programme and confidence will be restored in the country along with the recovery of the Greek economy,” the same sources stressed.