Government’s target the attraction and acceleration of investments, says Alt. Econ Min

“Practices that wanted the investments to be implemented according to their access to the political authority or without dialogue with the local communities have no place in our logic”, said Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis in an interview with Athens Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

He said that with main target the attraction, unblocking and acceleration of the investments, the government continues to promote the necessary institutional interventions and is in close cooperation with EU over the reform of the central strategies while meetings are held with potential investors in Greece and abroad.

Charitsis explained that the target is investments to have the greatest possible growth mark and additional value for the Greek economy, however the Greek government’s policy has rules that safeguard the protection of the environment, the workers’ rights and the harmonic co-existence of the new investments with the existing productive activities of the local economies.

On the investment in former international airport at Helliniko, he said that the government is making all the necessary actions in order the investment to be implemented but, according to the constitutional and institutional provisions.

“The investors appreciate the improved economic climate and the government’s important initiatives for the facilitation of the investments. In the last period we unblocked 670-mln euro investment projects.
Charitsis noted that “our top priority is to safeguard the job positions and the workers’ rights and to protect the valuable productiοn capacity particularly in the crucial sectors of industry and procession.