Gov’t ‘dangerously sloppy’ in handling pandemic during tourism season, Syriza spokesman says

The government’s handling of tourism can be described as “dangerous sloppiness” and “bad timing,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos told Alpha 9.98 radio station on Monday.

The main opposition party official was referring to the mini-lockdown imposed by authorities on the island of Mykonos over the past weekend, where 90 pct of people there are vaccinated, he noted.

Therefore, one can surmise that people who came to the island did not of through the necessary health checks, he stressed.

“Maybe Greece was not entirely ready to open to tourism after all,” despite the government’s effort to prove the opposite, he said. He also said that one member of the health ministry’s committee of experts claimed that the measures imposed on Mykonos were not the result of a committee’s recommendation.

Iliopoulos reiterated that people should all get vaccinated the soonest possible, but underlined that his party is not in favor of mandatory inoculation of the general population, expect for medical workers.