Gov’t does not have a plan or vision for the next day, says ND’s Lazaridis

The government is incompetent and this costs to the Greek people, if it can’t complete the second review it should leave, stated main opposition New Democracy (ND) chief of the press office Makarios Lazaridis in an interview with SKAI TV on Wednesday.

“We have reached this point because the issues that remain pending are those the government does not complete because it is obsessive. It does not have a plan and vision for the next day. For this reason we ask for a political change in order for the country to breathe. Our plan foresees tax reductions and cut in expenses, Lazaridis said.

Referring to the second review, he said that ND’s position is that “the government must complete the review in the best possible way for the citizens” adding that “the review should have been completed from February 2016…every time it delays the citizens pay the cost. The first review was concluded with 14 months delay and 9 bln euros on taxes, an eternal superfund and a 3.5 bln euro contingency mechanism on salaries and pensions”.