Gov’t handling of the FYROM name issue is ‘irresponsible’, says ND spokeswoman Spyraki

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokeswoman Maria Spyraki sternly attacked the government on its handling of the FYROM name issue during a press briefing on Thursday, saying it was handling a crucial issue on terms of domestic political confrontation.

The way the government is handling the issue was irresponsible, Spyraki said, adding: “The opposition parties were not informed, the processes were set into motion without them and now it is too late for such a briefing.”

Spyraki reiterated that ND’s position is clear: The minimum for the government is the Greek position presented at Bucharest (at the NATO summit of 2008) and the proposed solution must be a package that includes the name, the range of its usage – in relations with everyone – and Skopje’s irredentist views.