Gov’t has started serving job suspension notices to health staff who refuse to be vaccinated

A total of 5,895 acts of job suspension are in the process of being served to workers in the private and public health sectors who refuse to be vaccinated, as the deadline for their obligatory inoculation against Covid-19 expired on Wednesday.

The government had said it would not extend the deadline, but would proceed with suspensions from work and garnering of salaries. On the same deadline (Sept. 1), it also activated a platform for auxiliary health staff to apply for temporary jobs. The platform will only remain open until September 8, to cover any gaps in services where health staff have been suspended.

Meanwhile, an appeal submitted by medical staff and health workers against their mandatory coronavirus vaccination was rejected by the plenary of the related department of the Council of State, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN) has also submitted an appeal for the suspension of the government’s decision which mandates the vaccination of workers in the national health system as of September 1 or face job suspension. The appeal is expected to be discussed by the Council of State on October 8.