Gov’t sources: Aggressive and phobic statements have no place in efforts for Cyprus solution

Aggressive statements and phobic mentalities have no place in the ongoing effort to resolve the Cyprus issue in a viable manner, government sources said on Friday, adding Greece will continue to work with Cyprus to find common ground in the talks.

“In constant coordination and cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, we will continue to process and put forward proposals based on the principles we have proclaimed in terms of guarantees and security, the issues in which we are involved,” the sources said.

“At the same time, phobic thinking and aggressive statements have no place in the effort for a just and viable solution of the Cyprus issue. We continue to look for common ground in the framework of the talks in order for the Geneva Conference to continue its work with the participation of the prime minister,” they added.

The same sources said the Greek government is determined to protect and utilize the important momentum that has been created for a solution and welcomed the start of talks on security and guarantees on January 18 at a diplomatic and technical level.