Gov’t spokesman cites positive data for the Greek economy, outlines main political priorities

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos outlined the main political priorities (“pillars”) of the next period during a press briefing on Wednesday.

“The main pillars of the Greek government’s plans are, on the one hand, the smooth and definite exit in August 2018 from the memoranda era and, on the other, the creation of conditions – at production, labour, and social state level – that will lead to conclusively overcoming of the crisis which brought the country and society to the edge.”

The spokesman noted that the data is encouraging, citing the following:

– The Greek economy has turned to positive growth rates and is expected to approach 2 pct by the end of 2017.

– Unemployment has fallen by 6 percentage points and continues to decline.

– Fiscal performance continues to be above target this year as well.

– International rating agencies are constantly upgrading the rating and prospects of the Greek economy.

– The country has returned, on a trial basis at least, to the markets.

– Direct foreign investments were at a ten-year high in 2016, while further improvement is expected for 2017, since in the first half of this year – before, that is, the conclusion of the second programme review – 2.1 billion euros were channelled to the Greek economy from direct foreign investments.

All of the above, the government spokesman said, “are only a sample of the results of a positive course, for which we have worked and will continue to work daily with a plan, priorities and absolute respect for the sacrifices of the Greek people.”

Regarding the negotiations for the third programme review, Tzanakopoulos said that they will “begin after mid-October, and the goal is, as the prime minister pointed out in the cabinet meeting, to have most of the issues resolved by November so that the third programme review may be concluded the fastest way.”